Shadran is a small town business with a wide selection of products with quality and service as their top priority.  Shadran has been in business for over 30 years and always takes pride in service to the customer.  We have achieved buying power through great partnerships with our vendors. 

Shadran started in a small garage in Jefferson in 1986 and moved 3 times and now occupies a 7800 square foot building just off the square in downtown Jefferson.  We at Shadran are proud to be located in Jefferson and have great long time relationships with our customers. You will enjoy doing business with Shadran. Listening to the customers and fulfilling their needs has been a great experience.  We enjoy and appreciate comments about our product line and service.  With over thirty years in the business we have learned to have broad shoulders and thick skin when working with a client.  When our products or our service don’t meet your needs, feel free to let us know in plain and frank terms.  It makes us better. We want to be certain that your needs are met.

Randy Monthei, Owner